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Adjudication for Building & Construction Industry Payment Disputes under the Security Of Payments Act Legislation.

RECOUP prepares adjudication applications if a claimant is at that stage or we can help you get to that stage and then see the entire Security Of Payments Act claim and enforcement process through with you to the collection of the debt. Your money in your bank.

Adjudication Is Fast, Low Cost & Favours Claimants

The purpose of the Security Of Payments Act is to ensure continuity of payment to subcontractors through a simple three step process that finishes at adjudication.

An adjudicator determines whether a claimant’s payment claim should be paid in full or if not to what amount, when the due date for payment is, and what rate of interest is payable.

If you are not being paid for work completed, or being told you can’t claim extra work as a variation, or are in a dispute over the value of work you have carried out , or you are being told you will get paid when your client gets paid, or are being ignored when you ask for retentions to be released at the end of the defects liability period, then adjudication is the solution for you.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery prepares, lodges and manages adjudication applications from $5,000.0 up to and over $50M. We ensure all necessary submissions and supporting evidence are included to ensure every chance of success is likely.

But remember, once you apply to have a claim for work adjudicated if you are unsuccessful you cannot try again – you lose your entitlement under the Security Of Payments Act to do so.

That makes the quality of your Payment Claim very important, not to mention good supporting evidence in the form of detailed contract administration records.

Let RECOUP show you how to manage your contract administration, prepare bulletproff payment claims, and solid adjudication applications to ensure you get paid what you deserve.

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