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BCIPA QLD Adjudication Application Assistance A Smart Move For Claimants

According to QBCC statistics approximately 70% of adjudication applications lodged by claimants are being found to be invalid based on jurisdictional issues that are easily avoided with the right know how.

While as the QLD Payments Act is a short, cost effective and normally successful way to fast track a judgment against a debtor it does require a degree of technical understanding as to how the legislation is intended to operate.

Unscrupulous respondents are preying on this no end to evade their legal and moral obligations of paying their debts.

Knowing when and how to serve a payment claim under the QLD Payments Act is critical to success. And equally important is knowing then how to respond in turn to  the respondents response to the payment claim, and then how to follow through and prepare a solid adjudication application that will withstand the respondents attempts to defeat it or have it thrown out on jurisdictional grounds.

Most importantly it is critical to understand that in Queensland you only get one chance at serving a payment claim under the Payments Act as a result of case-law that says once the work is finished there is only one reference date that arises to give a claimant the right to serve a payment claim under the QLD Payments Act.

For assistance preparing payment claims, 2nd notices, and adjudication applications call us for a free consultation that just may mean you get all of your money when otherwise you would be left with very little other alternative than to write it off as a bad loss.

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