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Debt Recovery For Contractors In Building & Construction

Security Of Payments Act Debt Recovery For Building & Construction Industry Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery specialise in debt collection for subcontractors, contractors, suppliers and consultants who carry out construction work and or supply related goods and services.

Debt Recovery is a regulated industry that can be divided in to two main segments, “Consumer Debt Recovery” and “Commercial Debt Recovery”.

Consumer Debt Recovery relates to matters such as a debt owed by a retail customer for a phone bill to a phone service provider such as Telstra for instance.

Commercial Debt Recovery also covers a broad range of matters but relates to debts incurred by businesses through commercial transactions.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery specialise in obtaining judgements through the various state Security Of Payment Act legislations for people and companies involved in the building & construction industry.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery successfully recovers tens of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients each year. Claims range from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.

No claim is too small and no claim is too large for RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery.

If your claim is below $2,000.00 RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery will provide assistance at no charge.

When contractors consider their options it can be very daunting and a lot of people are discouraged and sometimes just write the money they are owed of as a bad experience. This is often because if they approach solicitors for assistance they are informed it will cost them many thousands of dollars and take many months to see some results. Traditional dent collection agencies are no better and more often than not they are quite ineffective – they get nowhere.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery is different.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery will help you prepare a claim for every cent you are owed for all of the work you have done plus interest and costs. We will run the claim from beginning to end for you under the appropriate state Security Of Payment Act Legislation. We will manage the whole process for you including preparation, lodgement and service of your adjudication application.

We are successful 99% of the time.

A Security Of Payment Act claim run by RECOUP is the best solution for your debt recovery needs by far.

If you require a debt collected that relates to construction work you will not find a better value for money alternative.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery will collect your money fast, at low cost and relieve you of the burden of the process and all of the stress that comes with the territory.

Debt recovery for contractors….. who else but the best…… call RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery today.

For assistance at any stage call 1300 RECOUP (1300 732 687)