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Client Testimonials

I operate a bobcat for a living. I just thought you wrote off a chunk of what you invoice because there are bums out there who don’t want pay and that I just have to put it down to experience or the cost of being in business for yourself.

Recoup helped me put together an Adjudication Application and Submission that I could never have done on my own. Very Professional. We won 100%. And now our quotes and work authorities are much more professional as a result of the improvements Recoup suggested and very importantly I sleep better at night knowing we aren’t pushovers anymore.

Tony Kovacic. M & J Kovacic Excavations Pty Ltd

We are a small family business. We work hard for every dollar we charge our clients. We are conscientious, and we take great pride in our work and make sure that we only ever charge what is right and fair. When one of our main clients started paying slower and slower we got worried. Then they stopped paying altogether. We asked Fair Trading to help and they suggested Recoup.

Recoup assisted with converting our invoices into valid Payment Claims and guided us through negotiations with our client that ensured we were paid. We recommend Recoup to other Contractors that find themselves needing help with Debt Recovery.

Albert. Jasa Bobcats

We were faced with being set back years when one of the largest multinational corporations there is withheld over half a million dollars in payment for works we had completed and they agreed were not defective.

An argument over the scope and value of the works with one of the largest Global Law Firms who were hired by our client to attempt to minimise their obligation to us was daunting.

Recoup’s thorough attention to detail saved the day. Submissions detailing the Contractual Relationship, Requests/Authorisations for works and variations, Photographic evidence, Value of the works, Quality of the works, Completion of the works, etc… all were absolutely 1st class – second to none.

Our Client paid all of our invoices in full plus all of our costs.

Thanks a million!!

Commercial Builder

Where do I start?

I am an ordinary tradesman cutting and drilling concrete in a small business trying to get ahead. Recoup helped me sort out my admin, my record keeping and designed a quotation template for me, and they put together a proper Payment Claim template for me to use daily. Now every necessary detail on my invoice is there and the clock starts ticking for payment as soon as I finish the job.

Ben. Auscut NSW Concrete Sawing & Drilling

Recoup is a God send – 2nd to none for Construction Debt Recovery.

I had given up hope of ever being paid for weeks and weeks of design work. When I looked at my options, the high costs I was being quoted, and the lack of confidence of others I was scared off.

But Recoup made it sound simple, and Recoup were much cheaper than other specialist contractor debt recovery business’.

We had our money within weeks and we are a lot smarter now when it comes to managing our client relationships thanks to Recoup.

Carmelo. Corrente Design

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