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Security Of Payment Act Information Kit

This Security Of Payment Act Information Kit by RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery is designed to help you work your way through all of the issues that arise during each phase of a construction project.

The purpose of the RECOUP Security Of Payment Act Information Kit is to assist in such a way that you will manage projects so that the provisions of the Security Of Payment Act Legislation are underpinned by, and will be supported by your rights to your entitlement to be paid for the construction work you have carried out, and or the related goods and services you have supplied, both under a construction contract, and under the building & construction security of payment act legislation for each state, because you have good project and contract administration documentation and records.

Below are the key areas and elements of a construction project, including payment dispute resolution, that the RECOUP Security Of Payment act Information Kit addresses.

The 3 Key Phases of a Construction Project are:




Key Elements of the Pre-Construction Phase

  • Marketing
  • Courtship / Relationship
  • Estimation
  • Tendering
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Execution

Key Elements of the Construction Phase

  • Site Instructions
  • Minutes Of Meetings
  • Record Keeping / Site Diaries
  • Progress Claims
  • Variations & Delays & EOT Claims
  • Stopping Work & Disputes
  • Achieving Practical Completion

Key Elements of the Post-Construction Phase

  • Practical Completion Documentation
  • Final Claim
  • Rectifying Defects
  • Claiming Retentions

Construction Project Payment Dispute Resolution Processes:

Dispute Resolution Pre-Judgment

  • Valid Payment Claims & Effective Service thereof
  • 2nd Notices
  • Payment Schedules
  • Applying for Adjudication & dealing with Adjudication Responses

Dispute Resolution Post-Judgment

  • Entering Judgment
  • Debt Collection
  • Contractors Debts Act 1997 – Claiming from the Principal
  • Enforcement

Project Learnings

  • De-brief
  • Critical Analysis
  • Action Plan
  • Checks & Balances

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