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Security Of Payments Act Claims Experts

There may be a few options when it comes to chasing slow payers or non-payers, but there is one clear choice who will help you best, quickest and cheapest.

Forget expensive lawyers who take too long and stuff up payment claims and adjudications and still charge a small fortune .

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery Are Your Best Option For Preparing & Running Security Of Payments Act Payment Claims & Adjudication Applications For Building & Construction Debt Collection

We are Australia’s No #1 Security of Payments Act Specialist – GET STARTED HERE…

Now at over $100 million in recovered Contractor Payments – RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery are Trusted by more Industry Groups and Trade Associations throughout Australia than any other debt collection agency.

Our Promise To You Is:

  • “We will teach you not only the correct words to put on your invoices to make them valid payment claims under the Security of Payments Act but how to prepare solid payment claims and everything you need to know about the Security Of Payments Act process.”
  • “If you have never used Security of Payments Act before we will educate you so you can start the process yourself next time”
  • “And if you’ve never had a payment problem before we’ll show you how the Security of Payments Act can help you keep such problems to a minimum”

The Security of Payments Act has been operating in New South Wales since 2000, Victoria since 2002, Queensland since 2004, Tasmania and the A.C.T since 2009, and South Australia since 2011.

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery is a master-licensed mercantile agent, and RECOUP’s principal has been recovering contractor’s payments using the Security of Payments Act, since 2002. The Security of Payments Act regime is a quick process, and a very effective one. If you haven’t used it before, let us help you through the process and get you paid.

When you understand properly how the Security Of Payments Act works it will impact the way you manage projects from beginning to end. Right from the tender stage through negotiating and executing a contract, through daily contract admin during the construction phase, to preparing and submitting claims, when you understand the Security Of Payments Act properly you will pay more attention to the important details that make debt recovery quicker, easier and less costly.

The Benefits For You Are:

  • Our near 100% Success Rate at adjudication !!
  • We are experienced Building and Construction Industry experts and understand the industry at every level in any given situation which means we can relate to you and convey the facts to an adjudicator effectively.
  • We know how best to manage Marketing, Sales, Tendering, Negotiation, Contractual Obligations & Commitments, Project Admin, Minutes of Meetings, Variations, Invoicing, Payment Claims, Disputes etc.. to ensure your best chance of payment in Construction Debt Recovery disputes.

Debt recovery has a cost. A cost that you want avoid as much as possible, because just like non payment altogether is reflected in your profitability, so too is the cost of debt recovery.

So, if you resent paying for debt recovery, let us help you learn how to avoid being vulnerable to unethical business people who will use you to get a job done then try and short pay you or not pay you at all. Prevention is the best cure and good contract admin is the solution to reducing your vulnerability. Learn Security Of Payments Act Know How and break the cycle of being short paid for your work.

Call Jordan, a client of ours now for several years, we have helped Jordan and his partner set up and run their contract and project admin so well that they can now move through the Security Of Payments Act process very quickly and efficiently to get their money from problem customers with minimal fuss and expense. Call Jordan on 0438 567 326 and let him tell the benefits of having RECOUP on board in your business.

Make The Right Choice… RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery… Get The Right Results

We can join your team before you have payment problems and work with you to set up your business practice’s and admin to provide smooth workable relationships with your clients.

Or, we can join your team to help you recover outstanding payments quickly and cheaply using the Security Of Payments Act..

Either way we can free you up to concentrate on what you do best  – run your day to day business. We have heard all the excuses for non-payment and we know how to deal with them.

And remember why our competitors don’t tell you they have such a high failure rate – they are not industry experts!

There is no substitute for experience, and we have over 30 years of it.

Whether you are an Architect, an Engineer, a Tradesman, a Construction Company or a Supplier we can help you navigate your way to payment under the Security Of Payments Act.

When it comes to debt collection in the building & construction industry RECOUP & the Security Of Payments Act are No 1.

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