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Building Industry Fairness (Security Of Payment) Act 2017

BIF Act QLD Online Claim Form

What stage of the BIF Act process are you up too?

If you aren’t sure, complete the BIF Act QLD Online Claim Form, attach documents that: 1) relate to the agreement formed between you and your client such as quote, purchase order, contract, emails etc, 2) your unpaid payment claim / invoice, 3) any response to your payment claim from your client such as a payment schedule, and submit it to us for review and a proper explanation of where you are up to in the process and the best way forward for you.

Recovering your money under the BIF Act legislation is a 2 stage process.

Stage 1

The ‘Payment Claim’

Stage 2


Whichever stage of the process you are up to RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery are your Best Option for Preparing & Running BIF Act Payment Claims & Adjudication Applications

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Now at almost $100 million in recovered Contractor Payments – RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery are Trusted by more Industry Groups and Trade Associations throughout Australia than any other debt collection agency.

RECOUP are BIF Act Experts & Debt Recovery and Debt Collection Specialists for Building and Construction Contractors. RECOUP aims to keep all stakeholders in each state up to date with changes and developments in each state’s legislation that impact claiming payments for building and construction work.

RECOUP provides information and assistance regarding all aspects of the following legislation:

Queensland: “Building Industry Fairness (Security Of Payment) Act 2017″

Whatever you do, Don’t Blow the One Opportunity you get to have your Payment Claim Adjudicated

In Queensland, sadly, the big end of town has shut down the original intention of the BIF Act legislation. That was; you can serve a payment claim each month for twelve months if that’s what it takes to get paid.

So don’t waste the one and only reference date you get now – Call RECOUP and we will help you navigate your way to a successful outcome… money in the bank!