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Security Of Payments Act & Debt Recovery Services

Below are the different phases / proceedings in an approximate chronological order of the debt recovery process using mainly the Security Of Payments Act regime.

Security Of Payments Act Payment Claims

Security Of Payments Act Payment Claims for Construction Debt Recovery are our forte.

Security Of Payments Act Payment Schedule

Security Of Payments Act Payment Schedules must be served in response to Payment Claims served under the Act within 10 business days.

Summary Judgement

If you have not received a payment schedule in the time allowed under the Act in response to your Payment Claim we can help you obtain Summary Judgement quickly and cheaply.

Security Of Payments Act Adjudication

Security Of Payments Act Adjudication Applications are our specialty.

Claims On The Principal (Contractor)

In the Construction Industry there are often several levels of contracting, and if your client isn’t paying there are ways to bypass them and get paid directly from your client’s client.

Statement Of Claim

If it isn’t appropriate to make a claim under the Security Of Payment Act then we will prepare and file a Statement Of Claim for you in a court of the appropriate jurisdiction – this is a more traditional approach to debt collection and sometimes very appropriate.

Debt Collection For Contractors

RECOUP is No 1 in Australia for debt collection for building & construction contractors using not only the Security Of Payments Act legislation but a range of specialist debt collection techniques.

Enforcement Solutions

Once we are successful and you now have a “Statutory Debt” owing to you we will advise you of the best course of action to enforce this judgment and we will help you through the process.


If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where you and your client can work through issues with the assistance of a third party then not only will both of you save significant costs but we will help facilitate a speedy resolution.

Company & Project Evaluation & Administration Service

You cannot overstate the importance of good documentation, correspondence, record keeping etc etc….

Construction Company Administration Evaluation

You need to be sure your Procedures, Record Keeping & Policies put you in a strong position to withstand difficult building & construction disputes.

Project Evaluation & Contract Administration

You need to be sure you have a clear understanding of the Project you are tendering for, and who the actual entity is you are tendering to, and have a solid system in place for successful negotiation & administration.

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