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Security Of Payment Act Requirements

Pre-Tender Evaluation

There are many pitfalls that aren’t always obvious when you begin familiarizing yourself with a new project. So two sets of eyes are better than one. We can review the documents you are tendering on and your tender offer itself and provide you with a written evaluation that will serve to ensure you protect yourself from the get go and then every step of the way.

Contract Evaluation

Enthusiasm to get going on a project or simply the fact that legal jargon is hard to get a handle on sometimes deters people from reviewing and negotiating Contracts carefully. We will ensure you are informed and can be confident you understand what you are signing and that it is in your best interests.

Project Admin and Evaluation

Setting budgets, managing cost control, subcontracts, purchase orders, meeting minutes, site diaries, variation authorisations, delays, disputes – all important for a smooth and successful project and invaluable if you need to commence action to recover outstanding monies. Our tools, either electronic or hard copy, whichever you prefer, will make it all easy for you.

Contract Administration

Timely Contract Administration is more important than ever.

Extension Of Time Claims

Generally contracts time bar these claims so you must submit and gain approval within the time permits.

Liquidated Damages Claims

Learn how to never get stung by Liquidated Damages Claims by ensuring the Completion Date is updated appropriately.

Variation Claims

Get paid for all of your work by creating contemporaneous evidence that will comply with your contractual obligations.

Retention Claims

Act in good faith at all times and rectify all defects in a timely manner to ensure the full amount of the Security is returned to you. You must serve a valid claim for retentions on the very day the 12 months defects liability period ends.

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