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We specialise in Debt Collection for
Contractors in Building and Construction

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Small, medium and large operations

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The Security Of Payments Act
is the key to successful debt recovery.

We take you through the process

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Glenn Bower from RECOUP
recovers $1.8M

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recoup debt collection on ABC news

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Recoup - debt recovery for builders and contractorswe specialise in debt collection for contractors in building and construction

We specialise in Debt Collection for
Contractors in Building and Construction

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Debt Collection for:

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tick for sole traders needing debt collection

Sole traders

tick for all businesses needing debt collection in the building and construction industry

Small, medium and large operations

debt recovery for anyone in building and construction

ANYONE seeking debt recovery

Security Of Payments Act

We take you through
the process

so you get out of the red...

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..and into the black.

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Glenn Bower Recouprecoup debt collection win on ABC News

Glenn Bower from RECOUP
Recovers $1.8M

Watch the video here.

Security Of Payments Act Specialists

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Looming debt crisis – recover money now while people can still pay!

Australia is one of seven countries that Forbes magazine says is the “most likely to suffer a debt crisis” within the next three years.

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nsw security of payment act

New South Wales Security Of Payments Act

Security of Payments Act NSW just received a massive boost from Justice McDougall of the NSW Supreme Court. McDougall confirmed that claimants have 12 available reference dates after the completion of works to serve claims.

CAUTION: When & How you prepare & serve Payment Claims is critical to success at adjudication.

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vic security of payment act

Victoria Security Of Payments Act 2002

The Security Of Payments Act Legislation in Victoria has the briefest period for serving payment claims after the completion of works – 3 months.

After this time the Act can no longer be used to obtain a judgment against a debtor.

This means that as soon as the contract works are complete you must prepare and serve a solid claim under the Act.

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qld security of payment act

Queensland BCIPA Payments Act & QBCC

Building & Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 QLD changed 15 December 2014. You no longer lodge Adjudication Applications with Authorised Nominating Authorities. You can lodge through RECOUP. Learn why you need a Reference Date to Claim.

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Lodge BCIPA Adjudication Applications here. Do not risk serving an invalid claim. You only get one chance in QLD.

Security Of Payments Act Success Rate

Security Of Payments Act Success Rate

NSW Govt Security Of Payments Act NSW statistics say 94% of adjudications are determined in favour of the claimant. RECOUP has a 98% success rate. This makes Security of Payment & RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery your best options to recover the money you are owed for building & construction work.

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Claim Variations & Retentions

Claiming Variations is an art in itself. Understanding your Contract 0r Agreement is the most important fundamental to master so you can ensure you don.t miss out on your entitlement Read more here…

The same fundamentals apply to claiming Retentions and as for both timing is everything: Read more here…


Give A New Life To Your Project And Contract Administration Processes And Reap The Results

Use our simple, easy to follow structures and processes to get paid more for your work and minimise the risk of delayed payment and even non payment.

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