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Adjudicate Today…… Money In Your Bank Sooner!

Delaying applying for adjudication increases your risk of never getting paid.

Security Of Payments Act Adjudication Experts For Fast Adjudication Applications

RECOUP Contractors Debt Recovery are Australia’s No 1 preparers of quality adjudication applications – we are quick and successful.

RECOUP Contractors Debt Recovery can prepare a quality adjudication application for you the same day, and we will even negotiate a nil up front fee if that helps your cash-flow or even determines whether or not you pursue your debtor. RECOUP is good value!

Why adjudicate now?

You should adjudicate today if you can (as soon as possible) because the sooner we obtain a judgement against your debtor the sooner we can begin enforcement proceedings for you to collect your money.

Also, under the Security Of Payment Act Legislation you have a limited time to apply for adjudication, so don’t delay, call us and we will help you adjudicate without delay.

Once a respondent serves a payment schedule, in most instances, you only have 10 business days to apply for adjudication, so if you have received a payment schedule we suggest you adjudicate today.

Or if no payment schedule is received, in most instances, you have 10 business days after the expiry of the second notice period to apply for adjudication, so if that time is up we suggest you adjudicate today.

Experienced Building & Construction Debt Collection Specialists

More Time Allows For More To Go Wrong – Prevention Is The Best Cure.

Heard it all before ? Well we can tell you story after story of people who have left it too late and lost the opportunity to recover their money.

Do Not Delay – Adjudicate Now.

RECOUP will help you prepare your application today so you are able to have your matter adjudicated ASAP so you are banking the money you are owed sooner rather than later.

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RECOUP prefers ABLE ADJUDICATION, Australia’s most reputable Authorised Nominating Authority