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Claiming Variations

Claiming variations for building & construction work is a sure and simple process as long as you can tick a few critical boxes.

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Extension Of Time Claims

Claiming an extension of time is one of the most important responsibilities of a Contract Administrator.

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Claiming Retentions

Claiming Retentions is often overlooked and neglected until it is too late.

When a builder has a right under a contract to hold 2.5% – 5% of your contract value for the 12 months defects liability period, you must tick these boxes:

  1. Lock in the formal completion date of your contract works
  2. Rectify an and all defects that are brought to your attention during the 12 months defects liability period
  3. Prepare a claim for the return of your retention monies and serve it on the 365th day after your formal date for completion ( and make sure it is a payment claim endorsed as such under the Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payments Act laws of your state)

For all of the finer detail and to register the commencement of your 12 months defects liability period with RECOUP so as to ensure you claim your retention monies on time and dont miss out all together call us now.

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