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Give A New Life To Your Project And Contract Administration Processes And Reap The Results

In the coming months we will be featuring a series of articles that will speak into your world in a way that will bring new meaning to the dreaded words ‘paper work’, and revitalise not only your desire for, and commitment to, a competent and professional approach to your construction projects, but the very attitudes, processes and structures that you currently use to “get the job done”.

We will be calling this series: ‘Contract Administration 2016‘, and will consist of 8 installments jam packed with tips that, if implemented consistently, will boost your profitability significantly.

We all know that “getting the job done” should be enough to be deserving of payment in full, but it’s just not so.

In this ruthless industry of ours, to ensure you maintain your right and entitlement to be paid in full, and to avoid back charges and damages claims, you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to Project and Contract Administration.

For a moment let’s just focus on our mission here. What does revitalise mean, and why is that our strategy?

Revitalise means: “imbue (something) with new life and vitality.”

Let me go one step further. What does imbue mean? Imbue means: “inspire or permeate with (a feeling or quality).”

Get that? In the context of our work, revitalise means: ‘to be inspired to permeate (affect every last aspect) of the administration processes for our construction project, with new life and vitality, in a quality way.’

Why is revitalising our strategy? Revitalising is our strategy because we are not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater – rather, we are going to build on our current structures and processes and empower ourselves and our people, for the benefit of all stakeholders, not just ourselves, and or, our own company.

Key question: What will this mean for you?

Answer: Better project outcomes, a return on investment in multiple ways.

Note to self: Acknowledge that there will be time, effort and cost involved, but that it will be worthwhile. This, of course, is beside the point, because, put simply, it is the right thing to do anyway. But it is important to know that whatever it is you invest yourself into that you will be glad you did.

Are you sold on “why”?  Will it be truly worth it?  Yes it will.  Increased profitability and better relationships. That has to be worth it, because without both of those benefits we just wouldn’t bother at all, but with those benefits comes all the satisfaction you are looking for.

So.  How?  The crunch question.

Focus again: Our goal is to be paid every last cent we claim, which we have worked for, and to be asked back to do the next job because of your professional approach to your projects.  And we are open to revitalising our thinking and doing because we accept that there is always room for improvement.

We will begin with a careful analysis of your current situation, a questionnaire about your organisation, and a score sheet so that you can evaluate where you are at as an organisation. Then over the coming months as we address the attitudes, processes and structures required for each and every phase of a construction project, you will be able to fill the gaps in your existing processes and structures and take attitudes, and thinking, and doing, to new levels.

Remember, we are revitalising, we are building on and developing your existing skill-sets, processes and structures. All of the principles that we will cover will apply no matter how big or small your organisation is and no matter how small or large the projects are that you are involved in.

In our December Edition we will map out the phases of a typical construction project under the headings; Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post Construction and we will outline essential Project and Contract Administration requirements to help you with the Questionnaire and Score-sheet which will be included.

Until next time, remember, “Prevention is the best cure – Contract Admin counts”.