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Barry O’Farrell is so spiteful and so determined that he will do anything to avoid doing the right thing and admitting he was wrong.

Barry O’Farrell made the wrong decision when he instructed Roads & Maritime Services not to pay REED Constructions variation claims under any circumstances.

Now on the Great Western Highway Upgrade Project in NSW the Roads & Maritime Services have instructed their current contractor to swap one company’s concrete barriers with another company’s concrete barriers just because Barry O’Farrell and Roads & Maritime Services don’t like the company that currently has the barriers on site.!

The exercise in swapping the barriers over will be at great expense to NSW taxpayers and entirely unnecessary.

The barriers are currently serving both the public and the construction workers safety requirements.

The whole Great Western Highway Upgrade debacle is a direct result of mismanagement by the O’Farrell Government’s Department, Roads & Maritime Services.

Now to add insult on injury the Roads & Maritime Services are blowing tens of millions of taxpayers dollars more than they ever would have if they had done the right thing in the first place.

It would seem the O’Farrell Government Departments would rather waste Taxpayers money unnecessarily on exorbitant legal bills to avoid having to do the right thing rather than spend money on Infrastructure for the good of all NSW people.

At a time when Barry O’Farrell is slashing Health, Education & Emergency Services budgets like there is no tomorrow this situation is unacceptable.