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30th May 2012

Open Letter To

The Premier of New South Wales

The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, MP

Dear Mr Premier

Re: Building & Construction Subcontractors Owed Money By:

Reed Constructions Australia Pty Ltd & St Hilliers Construction Pty Ltd

RECOUP represents a significant, and rapidly growing by the hour, number of Subcontractors that are owed money by Reed Constructions Australia Pty Ltd, St Hilliers Construction Pty Ltd and others.

Stripping the Contracts off St Hilliers last week and now Reed this week is a slap in the face to Subcontractors. What you have also shown is that your government can act swiftly when it deems necessary.

Subcontractors have indicated to me they feel extremely let down by you. A person they hope might better manage the building & construction industry in NSW. It is with great regret that this hope seems misplaced.

I would like you to make time to meet with me without delay to discuss and an outcome which is fair and reasonable and ensure that the Subcontractors caught up in the disputes mentioned above that involve your Government are resolved in favour of the Subcontractors quickly.

Subcontractors and their families are experiencing what can only be described as horrendous. They are struggling to survive, whilst the processes controlled by you moves at a glacial pace. This must become a priority of your Government today. Your Government and the Roads & Maritime Services are not completely innocent in this situation.

I also wish to discuss and map out urgent changes required to the Tender Process and the awarding of Contracts Process by your Departments such as the Roads & Maritime Services to ensure better management of NSW taxpayer funds.

Further, I also wish to discuss and map out urgent changes required to the Security Of Payments Act and the Subcontractor Statement to ensure Subcontractors receive payment for the work they complete.

Opportunity knocks Mr Premier……………………..

Yours Faithfully

RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery

Managing Director