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Is “Who” you are or will be working for going to pay you ?

In the current uncertain times for the Building & Construction Industry this question is more important than ever.

And never forget; Prevention Is The Best Cure.

So, “Who” are you working for ?

“Who” are you quoting / tendering on work for ?

“Who” are you about to accept an order from or enter into a contract with ?

Once you establish “Who” you will be working for, you will either have confidence that you will be paid for your goods & services without any fuss, or you will have doubts that any involvement at all may not be a good idea.

How to establish your potential Clients credibility and trustworthiness is essential for you.

Put quite simply; should you extend credit to this person or company ?

The best way to come to a wise decision without offending anyone and damaging customer relations is to complete a series of checks via publicly available information discreetly that provide all the information you need to know about their credibility – or in other words your exposure.

In our next Post we will detail the Project / Client Checklist that ensures you are fully informed before it’s too late.

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In most instances we use the “Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payments Act” to recover your money but not always – there are sometimes more appropriate options.

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