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Security of Payment Act Claims – Best Way To Recover Debts In The Building & Construction Industry

If you have a choice between waiting 6 months to get paid or 6 weeks which would you choose ?

If you have a choice between spending tens of thousands of dollars or a few thousand dollars to get paid which would you choose ?

Of course you want to spend as least money as necessary and get paid as soon as possible.

Making A Claim Under The Security Of Payment Act Is The Way To Achieve This

SOPA claims are faster and cheaper than using expensive solicitors through a long drawn out court process.

By The Way We Take The Stress Out Of Trying To Manage A SOPA Claim Yourself

Many people come to us and ask for a few pointers to run a claim under the Act – big mistake !

All too often we see peoples paper work / invoices / payment claims and realise they are headed for failure.

Contact RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery Now
We recover debts using the SOPA day in day out – stick to what you are good at and leave debt collection to debt collection professionals and you will have your money sooner.