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Security Of Payment Adjudication Application Essentials

If you understand that you are entitled to now apply for adjudication you will only have a limited time to do so.

You must meet the following requirements to be entitled to Apply For Adjudication under the Security Of Payment Act:

  • A Contract within the meaning of the Security of Payment Act in place
  • A valid Reference Date
  • A valid Payment Claim has been served properly in accordance with the Security Of Payment Act
  • A Payment Schedule that you dispute has been received from the Respondent
  • If no Payment Schedule received, the due date for payment has passed, and you have served a Second Notice

If you meet the above requirements call us to start the process to Apply For Adjudication under the Security Of Payment Act legislation.

The Security Of Payment Act Adjudication Process will take about 3 weeks

Not Quite Ready for an Adjudication Application

If you need help in working through the above process, contact us and we will help you start the clock ticking towards payment of your claim under the Security Of Payment Act.

We can get you to the stage where you are entitled to Apply For Adjudication in about 3 weeks.

Security of Payment is undoubtedly the best option for building & construction contractors of all of the debt collection options available.

For the best advice and assistance call us now.

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