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About Adjudication in South Australia

The applicable Legislation for Adjudication in South Australia is :

Building and Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act 2009

If you are owed money for construction work or related goods and services for a project in South Australia and it is not longer than 3 months since you worked on the project you can apply for Adjudication if you have served a valid Payment Claim.

Adjudication will resolve if you are in fact entitled to be paid, how much you are entitled to be paid, when you are entitled to be paid, and if you are entitled to be paid interest on outstanding payments.

Requirements for Adjudication

  • Contract
  • Work carried out / related good or services supplied
  • Valid Payment Claim Served
  • Payment Schedule Received or 2nd Notice Served

The Adjudication Process

  • Application
  • Written Submission
  • Evidence
  • Affidavits
  • Lodgement
  • Service
  • Further Submissions

Enforcement Of Determination After Adjudication

  • 5 Days to Pay
  • Adjudicators Certificate
  • Enter Judgement
  • Debt Collection

For Detailed Information and Advice on Adjudication under the South Australia Security Of Payment Act Legislation call 1300 732 687