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Security Of Payment Act Adjudication Determination Enforcement Solutions

Once you are successful in adjudication or in court we will discuss the options available to you to enforce the judgment and we will help you through the process. Where you may require legal advice throughout this process we will engage a licenced Legal Practitioner to assist if you dont have a Lawyer of your own.

We wont elaborate here too much as to how we may do this because the last thing we wish to do is give your debtor an idea of what to look out for to assist them in avoiding paying their debt to you – “forewarned is forearmed” !!

Have no doubt we will be relentless in the enforcement of the judgement order against the debtor.

Unless your debtor is declared bankrupt we will persist in the recovery of monies owed to you.

Contact us for a detailed run down on how we will enforce the judgement on your behalf.

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