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Security Of Payments

RECOUP uses the Security of Payments laws to help solve your construction payment disputes quickly with minimal up front cost.

Why RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery ?

RECOUP are highly experienced in the construction industry.

RECOUP are Australia’s leading Security Of Payments specialists.

RECOUP is dedicated to obtaining justice for tradies, small businesses, and standing up to bullies.

The Complete Package

It is important that the company that is trying to help you resolve a construction payment dispute understands very well the three key components required for a successful outcome:

1) The Building & Construction Industry At Every Level

This industry has more disputes than any other industry in Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter.

This means that the debt collection company you use to recover the money that you are owed must understand the building & construction industry and the many different types of disputes and how they arise.

RECOUP has over 30 years experience in the Building & Construction Industry at every level and understands the industry better than any other debt collection professional by a country mile.

2) The Security Of Payments Laws

This legislation is brief, simple but savagely in favour of the Claimant. It all revolves around the construction contract you have formed and ensures you are able to obtain your entitlements under the contract in a timely, affordable and fair manner.

RECOUP has a 95% success rate using the Security Of Payments Act legislation to assist construction contractors Australia wide.

3) The Value & Importance of Justice & Equity

At RECOUP we believe in justice. We stand up for people and businesses that are being pushed around by bullies and treated unfairly.

Commitment – Passion  – Never Say Die Attitude

RECOUP will fight for you to the very end.

RECOUP will work with you from the very beginning of the process and stay with you all the way through the enforcement phase to ensure you get paid.

Security Of Payments