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Security Of Payments Act Success

Security Of Payments Act laws favour claimants. They are intended to ensure continuity of payment to contractors.

Security Of Payments Act Success Stories – Client Testimonials

We have a long list of very satisfied Clients that will gladly testify to our results personally.

Our Success Rate at Adjudication is around than 99%

Yes that is right – we win almost every time !
Call us and ask why we are so successful.
We are No 1 For Security Of Payment Act Claims.

There Is No Substitute For Experience

Our breadth and depth of experience at every level of the Building & Construction Industry over 30 years enables us to move forward with a strong and powerful confidence that we have all bases covered. We are equipped to provide you with solid service and support at every turn to ensure Construction Debt Recovery success..

Recoup in fact was born out of the 30 plus years of experience in the building & construction industry of our Managing Director who knows better than anyone the cost of being vulnerable in a situation where a client is in financial distress and cant pay their bills on time. And on the other side of the ledger are the bogus, unjustified and plain excessive claims that just shouldn’t be paid. We have had our fair share of disputes with both clients and subcontractors over the years and often learned the hard way how to win. We know how best to ensure payment for work completed with fair solid negotiation, strong Contract & Claim Administration.

Right Is Might

Presenting the facts to an Adjudicator, Magistrate or Judge is of the utmost importance. Our job is to ensure we assemble a claim that is a precise and comprehensive picture of the fact that it is right that you be paid for the work you have completed.

It is what we do very well. It is why we took on and won a claim against the 8th largest company in the world for several hundred thousand dollars and won – every last cent plus some!!

Relentless Attention To Detail

When we say it is so important for you to run your business with the end in mind we say that because we know what it takes to run a successful claim. We will put together a claim that leaves no stone unturned. So if you are reading this before you get into the situation where you are owed money lets team up to ensure you have excellent procedures, documentation and practices in place in case you do.

Security Of Payments Act Results

Click on the link above and read about the extraordinary results the Security Of Payments act makes possible.

“Surround yourself with people who excel at what they do.” How many times have you heard this? It is what we do. We will put your best interests first at all times by teaming with the resources required to ensure every opportunity for a successful outcome. Click on the link above an read why our Clients are glad the got RECOUP on board.

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