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Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payment Act 2002

Assessing Security of Payment Act Payment Schedules in Victoria

This page deals with assessing a Security of Payment Act Payment Schedules in Victoria as to its validity under the BCISPA 2002.

Who Should Assess The Payment Schedule

  • Unless you are a highly experienced Contracts Administrator who has been through the adjudication process you may want to think twice about assessing payment schedules yourself.
  • We know whether a payment schedule is invalid and or defective.
  • We know if a payment schedule that has been served will allow the Respondent to defend themselves at adjudication and if it will stand the test of a rigorous adjudication process.
  • We whether or not the Respondent has effected proper service – this is critical.

What Is A Valid Payment Schedule

A valid Payment Schedule must identify the Payment Claim to which it relates and it must schedule an amount for payment.

What Are The Critical Elements of A Payment Schedule

A strong Payment Schedule has many reasons for withholding payment.

How Must A Payment Schedule Be Served

The BCISPA 2002 is very clear; you must effect proper service.

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