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Security Of Payments Act TAS Adjudication Applications

  • Adjudication has been solving payment problems for Tasmanian Building & Construction Industry Contractors since 2009
  • There is a lot involved in preparing, lodging and serving a winning adjudication application.
  • Timing is crucial.
  • Choosing the right Adjudicator Nominating Authority is wise in light of the amount of determinations that are appealed and overturned.
  • Filling out the application form correctly is critical.
  • Structuring a good quality written submission is the most important aspect of the whole exercise. This is where you make your case to the adjudicator.
  • Including the right, strong and comprehensive supporting evidence to underpin the written submission is the be all and end all for making your case.

We prepare applications for all types of claims and having read countless determinations we know what adjudicators require to ensure claimants receive the right result.

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