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Security Of Payments Act Half Day Workshop

Security Of Payments Act Half Day Workshop

Thursday 12th March 2015
3PM – 7PM

“If everyone that comes to our workshop never ever requires the services of RECOUP again I will have done my job well and you will have invested 4 hours of your time wisely”

Glenn Bower, Director, RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery.

Security Of Payments Act Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to Tender & Contract safely
  • Learn what Records are an absolute must
  • Learn how to keep Records efficiently
  • Learn when & how to communicate for the Record
  • Learn Contract Admin Essentials – EOT’s & Variations
  • Learn technical aspects of Claiming under Contracts
  • Learn the Ins & Outs of Claiming under Security Of Payments Act
  • Learn about Claiming Retentions
  • Case Studies – Questions & Answers – Networking


Price Includes:
Full Suite Of Digital Templates for DIY Contract Admin & SOPA Claiming

Price: $499 per person or per organisation (bring your whole team for $499)

Venue: The Hall, Auburn Baptist Church, 16 Harrow Road, Auburn NSW 2144

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